EIBoard - Guide to using the Whiteboard App (Android Version)

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This tutorial covers:
1. Using the pen tool to write on the panel.
2. How To Use the Eraser Tool
3. How to use maths tools like rulers and protractors.
4. Understand how to use the handwriting and shape recognition tool.

When you first use the whiteboard feature, the screen displayed above appears. It works similarly to a traditional whiteboard, allowing you to write with a pen tool or your finger.

The whiteboard includes various features, including a navigation bar, home button, pen tool, eraser, erase selector, math tools, undo and redo capabilities, selection tool, two-touch usage, delete option, and the ability to add and remove pages, manage page count, and navigate between pages. These features comprise the fundamental toolkit for using the whiteboard on the interactive panel.

Write on Whiteboard
Tap the “Pencil” icon to access customizable brush settings, including stroke width and brush colour.
Erase from Whiteboard
Use the “Erase” icon to remove content from the whiteboard using your finger/palm.

Tip: You can even erase the whiteboard with the palm of your hand.

Erase a Selection from Whiteboard
Tap the third icon to delete specific areas on the whiteboard.
Math Tools on the Whiteboard
Select the 4th icons, “Triangle Ruler and Pencil” icon to access various maths tools.
Now, let us use the “Ruler” icon to draw straight lines. You can adjust the ruler’s length and rotation.
Use the “Protractor” icon to measure angles in degrees.
Tap on the “Compass” icon to create geometric shapes.
Handwriting Recognition on the Whiteboard
Tap the “T” icon to convert your handwritten text into digital text.
Shape Recognition on the Whiteboard
Tap on the “Shape” icon and turn on the “recognization” to convert your drawing into digital shape.

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