How to create a usage dashboard for Smart-Classroom with lookerstudio

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Lookerstudio is a great tool for creating dashboards; with your new understanding, you may learn how to use it more effectively. Consider making a reading log for each student, an individual student progress tracker, and other options. Please let us know if you make another fantastic dashboard that we could share with others.

Let’s start by copying the Google Form and its response sheets. This is essential for the source data on our dashboard.

Tip: Lookerstudio can also be used for other useful purposes such as reading logs, personalized trackers for students, and so on.

Now, let’s reconnect the dashboard with the fresh data from the copied answer sheet you made previously.

Checklist to do :

  • Create a report link.
  • Create a link to the Google Form for Teachers.
  • Create a QR code for the Google Form and print it for easy access for Smart Classroom users.

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