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Staff of 2030 : Future-Ready Teaching

by Economist Intelligence Unit 

  • The report explores the anticipated changes in teaching by 2030.
  • Generation Z, entering the workforce, brings new perspectives and expectations.
  • Teachers largely support education reform, focusing on information application rather than rote learning.
  • Teachers predict an increase in use of technology and focus on social values in education.
  • The main priority for extra funds is improving physical learning spaces.
  • Many teachers feel unprepared for challenges like stress and handling diverse classrooms.
  • Training on managing stress and using digital technology is considered inadequate.
  • New teachers often feel less optimistic once they start working in schools.

Interesting contents

Fig.1  New Bloom  I  Page 9

Fig.2  Top three perceived benefits of technology in
the classroom I  Page 10

Fig.3  What are the top barriers to achieving
positive educational outcomes using technology
in the classroom? I  Page 29

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